Bev’s Original Works

Bev_at_BoltonFarmersMarketMy work in pastels are a constant study in color, texture and the relationships of light and atmosphere. By capturing time and space in landscapes and still life, I create a sense of peace and serenity. In today’s fast pace world these qualities are hard to come by.
My landscape images are inspired by photographs of places that are special to me. I, in turn, wish to share that with the viewer.
The still life images are just that…still life. There is certain peaceful quietness in still life that engages the artist as well the viewer…a time to step out of the now and into a place which clears the mind and renews the spirit.
New to portraits of people, I am encouraged to continue my experience in rendering portraits of people, homes and animals in pastel, hoping to capture their emotional and personal nature in the traditional yet classic form.

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